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Connect to Other Dieters for Even more Success

You don't have to diet alone.  There are many resources out there to help you get that new body.

Have a Buddy System

I know you have heard “no man is an island”.  I guess that means that we don’t have to experience a diet by ourselves.  A big part of alcoholic anonymous is attending the 12 step meetings.  I am not sure it is necessary to go meetings all the time, but it sure helps me to have a good friend.  A friend that you can call during the good and the bad.  I am very competitive and would hate to have a friend lose more weight than me.  Don’t get me wrong; I am happy for them, but it sure motivates me to keep going.

Reach Out to Facebook

I just recently joined some dieting Facebook groups.  I have found some fantastic recipes, ones that have been tested by other people and seem to work.  
You do have to be careful not to get targeted with diet adds.  Facebook was much nicer when there were fewer ads.  I am not sure how to get rid of these ads.  

Tweet Out

Twitter is new to me.  I have always known what it is, but I didn’t use it very well.  I love that you can start a thread with a hashtag and a diet keyword.  I am still a novice, but I think Twitter has a great possibility in the diet world.

Don't forget Blogs

The internet is a marvel.  We can find absolutely everything through GOOGLE.  There are many great BLOGS, fabulous recipes, and diet tips.  Another good idea is to join some good forums.  I find that it easy, to be honest with other people who are facing the same issues that I am.

I love to read before and after stories.  It is easy to feel like losing weight is impossible.  And honestly, in the past, it has been impossible for me.  I am making this time count.






Let's Review My 20 Pound Loss

Now that I have lost 20 I can see results; my face is so much thinner; my skin is looking better, and I feel so much better. I could not be happier with my new body.

Going forward some additional strategies can be used to keep forward momentum.

Picture Success

Visualize weight loss.  It is said that if you can have a good attitude and see your body shrinking, there will be even better results.  Some people have a medication routine that they perform on a regular basis.

Infographic from


This infographic depicts how critical good food chooses are for success.  I found that once I began eating better food, my taste buds didn't like the fatty alternatives.

Celebrate your Success

Give yourself a pat on the back.  I treated myself to a full body massage.  For the first time in a long time, I wasn't embarrassed to have someone see my body.






Good Time To Smell the Roses

My life is extremely hectic.  I have kids to get to school, a job that is both time consuming and challenging.  My husband and I try to schedule fun activities for our children which means we spend a lot of time going to soccer games and dance activities.  All this activity doesn’t leave a lot of time for me.

This diet is different! I am trying to MAKE time for reflection and gratitude.  So far it has worked, I have lost 10 pounds.  No diet is always easy, but I am trying to make it a priority.

Mac Davis's song Stop and Smell the Roses is a great song to exercise with.



Exercise Strategy for Losing Weight


The primary aspect of the plan that I am using to lose body weight is weight training.  The creator of the program, Steve Holman, advocates doing thirty minute workout sessions three times a week.

Correct Weights

In the 1950's a trainer for the stars believed that liter weights resulted in better weight loss.  Steve Holman adopted this old school philosophy.  Steve recommends that a person in training only use a weight that can be easily lifted.  If you are struggling using a weight, go down to a lesser weight. Lite weights are crucial in losing body inches.

The workout includes three sets of 10 repetitions of side stretches, lunges, overhead lifts and squats.

Lean Phase

There are three phases in the old school program.  Phase 2 and 3 are geared towards building bigger body muscles.  I have never been that interested in having a bulked up body.  I do want my body to look well defined.  For my purposes, I am only interested in Phase 1, the Lean Phase.

The Lean Phase advocates using lite weights and a sensible eating plan.

Watching the Clock

In most workout programs the more exercise you do, the better. This is not the case with this program.  Thirty minutes a workout, three times a week is the optimum training session.  No need to do any more than ninety minutes a week.

Don't Overdo It

I have probably said it three times now, but I want to stress again that the key to great body results is not to over-exercise.  Keep is easy and stay on the routine three times a week. Don't make the program harder than it needs to be.



Kelly's The Old School New Body Review

The Old School New Body Program is a superb idea for losing weight and gaining a firmer body.  The plan documentation provides useful information and is easy to follow. There is both a food plan and three sets of exercise routines included in the manual and dvd's.  


Feeling Younger

Following HealthVI, will make you look and feel younger, your body will operate at an optimal level within a few weeks. Motivation is the strength of Old School; the program will bring a return of the energy and stamina you had years ago. As we age, our bodies store more fat. Physical activity and nutrition become more important for good health.

Program Authors

Authors Steve and Becky Holman epitomize the healthy living. The couple writes about fitness for Iron Man magazine. Collaboration with other experts led to the development of Old School New Body Focus-4 Exercises (F4X) Training System. Old School  New Body reflect positive outcomes.

Burn Fat

Old School  New Body shares the Holmans’ essentials for the good life. Your diet plays an important role while training your body to burn fat. Your system requires nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to boost the fat burning system. Information about foods that build muscle, promote anti-aging, and healthy dessert recipes for those with a sweet tooth are featured. 

Old School

Exercise with Weights

This ideal substitute for gyms and personal trainers allows you to work out on your own schedule. Combining exercises and suggested meals and supplements delivers awesome results. An older relative who followed Old School, New Body guidelines experienced weight loss, blood pressure improvement, and glowing skin. All you need is an adjustable dumb bell set, resistance bands, and an adjustable workout bench. 

Options A, B, C

F4X training system presents 3 separate work out options. The F4X LEAN, F4X SHAPE, and the FAX BUILD plans all take about 90 minutes a week. Each plan addresses specific fitness goals with squats, incline presses, and strength building techniques. 

Make a new start no matter what your age or current fitness level. After your body adjusts to the LEAN work out system, move on to the SHAPE and BUILD levels. Reading this book means a return to a rejuvenated, vigorous lifestyle. Get started today.





Starting off Right

How many ads for losing weight have you seen on TV and in magazines? So many of these diets advocate spending a lot of money.  You either need expensive weight equipment like treadmills or food plans that require you to purchase expensive meal plans.   

My Plan is very affordable.  Weights, which could be as simple as cans filled with beans and a sensible eating plan are the keys to success.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.    


Use light barbells for core exercises. You can use hand weights, barbells, kettlebells or just pick up a can from your pantry.  These weights don’t take up a lot of room, I can store them under my bed.  I like the 3-pound hand weight.  It makes it easy to complete my routine in 30 minutes without being tired.  
Workouts are based on repetitions of side bends and stretches.  Hand weights are perfect for getting the best results.  There are times that I do use light barbells, but when I am doing overhead stretches, there is nothing better than the hand weight.

I think I get better results when I have a detailed plan.  If I can plan my week out ahead of time, I find it easier to stick to the scheme.  I love checking off boxes as I eat food or complete an exercise routine.  If I don’t have a plan, it is just too easy to grab that extra cookie or snooze through the day.
I try hard to make my exercise routine a priority.  My three workouts a week are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Who can’t find 90 minutes a week to exercise?

I recently read a book by Scott Anderson named "Fake it Till you Make it."  Scott is the creator of Dilbert and writes a compelling story of how we can all reach our goals.  In his book, he states that setting goals may not be as important as having a good plan.
His argument is that it is easy to get discouraged when a target is missed, and most people don’t set realistic goals. But, by following our plan, end results will happen eventually. We just need to give our plan some time.

Considering that today is the first of January 2017, it is a perfect time to get started on a diet. Losing weight is my New Year's Resolution for the year.