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Kelly's The Old School New Body Review

The Old School New Body Program is a superb idea for losing weight and gaining a firmer body.  The plan documentation provides useful information and is easy to follow. There is both a food plan and three sets of exercise routines included in the manual and dvd's.  


Feeling Younger

Following HealthVI, will make you look and feel younger, your body will operate at an optimal level within a few weeks. Motivation is the strength of Old School; the program will bring a return of the energy and stamina you had years ago. As we age, our bodies store more fat. Physical activity and nutrition become more important for good health.

Program Authors

Authors Steve and Becky Holman epitomize the healthy living. The couple writes about fitness for Iron Man magazine. Collaboration with other experts led to the development of Old School New Body Focus-4 Exercises (F4X) Training System. Old School  New Body reflect positive outcomes.

Burn Fat

Old School  New Body shares the Holmans’ essentials for the good life. Your diet plays an important role while training your body to burn fat. Your system requires nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to boost the fat burning system. Information about foods that build muscle, promote anti-aging, and healthy dessert recipes for those with a sweet tooth are featured. 

Old School

Exercise with Weights

This ideal substitute for gyms and personal trainers allows you to work out on your own schedule. Combining exercises and suggested meals and supplements delivers awesome results. An older relative who followed Old School, New Body guidelines experienced weight loss, blood pressure improvement, and glowing skin. All you need is an adjustable dumb bell set, resistance bands, and an adjustable workout bench. 

Options A, B, C

F4X training system presents 3 separate work out options. The F4X LEAN, F4X SHAPE, and the FAX BUILD plans all take about 90 minutes a week. Each plan addresses specific fitness goals with squats, incline presses, and strength building techniques. 

Make a new start no matter what your age or current fitness level. After your body adjusts to the LEAN work out system, move on to the SHAPE and BUILD levels. Reading this book means a return to a rejuvenated, vigorous lifestyle. Get started today.





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